Horse Riding Lessons | Orange County, CA

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to provide unsurpassed customer service; focusing on each of our clients’ definition of success and translating the language of the horse and rider into flawless communication resulting in the harmony of two balanced athletes with solid foundations both mentally and physically.

Riding Academy

Show Team

Our Culture

Our approach to training comes from looking through the eye of the horse, through their perception. Stressing upon what they are receptive towards and what they are communicating to us and how they are doing it. Each horse is different and has different preferences, tendencies, and physical strengths and weaknesses. ZEQUESTRIAN believes targeting those points through empathy and ambition, a unique approach to training can be created in a customized program.

Our Philosiphy

Our approach to instructing and creating a program stems from each clients’ definition of success in terms of goal achieving and goal setting so that we can help you turn your vision into reality. We understand the desire to keep growing with your horse and wanting to take both of you to your fullest potential in all realms of harmony to create balance, happiness, and flawless communication that strikes up a lovely conversation between the two.

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