“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed training with Sara. She is a patient, kind and attentive trainer that truly cares about her horses and riders. After suffering from a riding accident nearly two years ago, Sara has helped me rebuild my confidence in the saddle and enjoy riding again.”
-Breanna S.

Welcome to the ZEQUESTRIAN Riding Academy

At ZEQUESTRIAN RIDING ACADEMY, students are able to take horseback riding lessons on our lesson horses.  Our Riding Academy caters to students without their own horse who are looking to begin their riding experience or continue to improve on the basics until they are ready to participate on the Show Team.  Our Riding Academy is a wonderful program for first time beginners through advanced intermediate looking to build a solid foundation in horsemanship, equitation, and explore the disciplines of english riding until they are ready to transition on to the Show Team.


Riders will learn:


  • Grooming
  • Basic Horse Anatomy
  • Tacking up & Down
  • How to ride with the proper equitation
  • How to walk, trot, canter and jump small fences
  • How to build muscles needed to ride, while on the lunge line, performing strengthening exercises in the saddle
  • Riders are also welcome to participate in horse shows with our lesson horses, you do not need to be on the show team
  • Differentiate between gaits and how many beats are in each gait
  • How to use their horsemanship skills to communicate with their horse in the horses’ language


Our riders work best in a consistent weekly riding program at minimum 1-2 days per week.  It is important for our riders to stick to a consistent program so that they may maintain and build upon the proper muscling to progress to the next levels of riding.


Lesson Pricing and Policies:


Cancellation Policy

Lessons will need to be cancelled at 4:00pm one day prior to the scheduled lesson date or there will be a standard lesson fee.  Cancellations must be made up in the same month.


Lateness Policy

Lessons begin at the time the appointment was made, please be on time so that you get the full use of your hour.  Lateness will result in cutting into your lesson time.


Individually purchased lesson: $80

Riders will ride in either a private or semi private lesson.


Package of 4 Lessons: $220

Riders will start with private lessons the first few sessions, then work on to semi private/group lessons.


Usage Policies:

All lesson packages must be used over the course of a 4 week period starting at the beginning of the first lesson.  Lessons not used within the 4 week period will not carry over following the expiration of the lesson package. To reschedule a lesson, the date of the make-up must fit within the 4 week period.


Work Shops: $35

Our Horsemanship Workshops are a great way for riders to enhance their knowledge and connection through fun games and exercises with our horses! A Pizza Party is included!
Workshops are held EVERY Saturday from 12-1:30*
Dates and times subject to change.  Please call (949)306-8075 to secure your spot as space is limited.



What to expect from a lesson:

Riders will meet their instructor at the cross ties at the time their lesson begins and be responsible for grooming and tacking up their horse.  After students are tacked up and fitted with a helmet, they will begin lessons with the core fundamentals of riding, working on steering, proper equitation, and communication with their horse using appropriate pressure from the seat, legs, and hands.  Riders are responsible for untacking their horses and putting them away.



Riding Attire:

Riders are encouraged to wear collared shirts, along with a belt, tucked into their britches and paddock boots and or half chaps.

Helmets and riding crops are provided for the first few sessions until the riders’ needs are determined.


You may find these items at:


American Horse Products

San Juan Capistrano




Horse Duds

Pre-Owned Riding Attire

Sycamore Trails




Mary’s Tack & Feed

Rancho Sierra Vista




Ortega Tack & Feed

San Juan Capistrano



Throughout my training with Sara, she has helped me build on both my riding abilities and the bond I have with horses. She always structures my lessons around my goals for the future and with this, I have seen myself improve faster in her training than ever before. Sara continues to impress me with her outstanding attitude and care towards her students and horses

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